Wallpaper is Wonderful - New ranges from Blueberry

Think wallpaper is old hat? Think again – in fact don’t think wallpaper, think wall art.

Today’s look is more likely to be a bold, colourful feature wall to enliven a large open plane living space, or to make a subtle design statement in a bedroom or add a specific look or style to a child’s room, a games room or even Dad’s Bar!

Perth Wallpaper

Most feature walls take 3 rolls of standard paper but this could go up to 4 or 5 depending on the size of the pattern and, of course, the wall. Good quality wallpapers with interesting designs range from $150 per. roll to pretty much whatever you are happy to pay! We can even get a range of designs printed to order in your choice of colours.

Your investment for a professional installer will be about $120.00 per roll – but, trust me, it is so worth it (we have just had two rooms completed at home without a single cross word or tantrum)!

For the next weeks, we feature the amazing new range from Bluebellgray (Mokum Fabrics), truly art for your walls.

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Perth Wallpaper by Blueberry

Perth Wallpaper

Perth Decorative Wallpaper

Perth Contemporary Wallpaper

Perth Floral Wallpaper

Perth Printed Wallpaper

Perth Designer Wallpaper

Perth Designer Floral Wallpaper

Perth Designer Floral Prints Wallpaper

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Blueberry Floral Wallpaper

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