Should I have curtains or blinds in my bedroom?

Light Control

Light control is usually the first consideration in most bedrooms. The amount of light coming into the room is controlled by adding either a blockout lining to your choice of curtain fabric, or a separate blockout curtain on a separate track. For those who like to wake up to some light coming in, there is also the option of a dim-out curtain, which will let a small amount of through.

Light Control Curtains


While blinds will help with insulation, well fitted and well made blockout lined curtains can increase your insulation by up to 40%, think of the savings on your power bills! The orientation of your room also plays a part in deciding what is right for you. For example in Perth, if your room faces west, the heat will be a problem, and if it faces east, then light can be a problem especially in summer.

Insulation Curtains


A sheer curtain will give you privacy during the day while letting light in. Unfortunately, this changes at night, where prying eyes can see in while you are unable to see out. A very important issue if your bedroom is at the front of your house facing the street. A block out lined curtain or blockout blind will take care of this. The blockout can be closed at night for privacy, and then open during the day for light.

Privacy Curtains


Your style will influence your choice of window treatments. It may be the clean sleek lines of sheers and blinds in a contemporary house, the classic look of sumptuous curtains for the classic, more traditional style. Or perhaps you would like a French Country look, Federation, Retro or Art Deco, the choices are endless and any of these styles can be complimented with the right choice of window coverings.

Custom Made Curtains

It's all about you

There are many factors when choosing the window treatments for your home, but in the end, its all about you, your family and how you need the room to function. We all lead busy lives so now, more than ever our homes should be our haven. So give us a call today and we will help you bring all these factors together to choose the right option for you, whether it be curtains, blinds, shutters or all three.