Make your home a smart home!

Our experienced consultants can offer advice about energy efficient window coverings. Making your home a little greener actually does more than save you money . . . it makes your home or apartment more comfortable to live in. And, because it’s good for the planet, the kids will love you.

We designed and installed in ‘Josh’s House’, curtain treatments in keeping with Josh’s Warm - Productive - Cool theme. Our lined curtains helped to make this project more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Metal backed fabrics actually reflect up to 60% of the sunlight back outside. There highly efficient aluminium backing allows you to select different interiors colours but have same outside appearance. Best of all, you have a clear view to the outside.

Pelmets dramatically improve insulation at the window. Custom made from virtually any fabric, Pelmets over lined curtains offer both insulation and decoration.

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